Vlimmen Veterinary Services

Vlimmen Veterinary Services thinks along with you
So They have in addition to the products in their regular medicine cabinet room for natural products and can carry out a titer assay. Blood tests we do as much as possible, so you know in a few minutes what’s going on can be with your beloved animal. An overall image of blood, glucose levels, but also more specific assays to determine the function of the kidneys, pancreas, and liver. And of course the tests for heart worm, giardia, karpattenziekte and leukemia and FIV in cats.

They buy  their products from the Netherlands and the USA, and therefore have access to the most innovative medicines. But here they find your voice is very important.
Have you heard good reports about a particular product or you are specifically looking for something? Talk to them and perhaps they can order it for you and they’ll include it in their range.


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