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The idea was to make arise with a van visits when I was working abroad. In the Peruvian jungle was the case all I needed to do to me, especially since it was not convenient to go back first some two hours by boat because you did not have when you have a drug or blood tube. Improvisation is an art and I have learned in the jungle to much with little, a feature that comes in handy when making a home visit.
A home visit takes time but it is time we like to invest in our customers. Each animal is equally important to us and get the same amount of time and attention during the consultation. Hence our consultation rate is the same regardless of the species. Since 2003, we have a practice area where you can come by appointment with the patient. One advantage is that we can help so also urgent illnesses if that day the house call schedule is already booked. If necessary, it is possible to include patients. There are spacious kennels present, and for the smaller animals up to 5 kg, we also have a special intensive care unit. For parrots is often necessary to include them because they are often too thin. Probe force-feeding is required. That is something that can best be done by a qualified veterinarian or caretaker. It is often in the interest of the birds that they have been included short or longer period of time. After very heavy operations or operation of “senior” patients often stay another day in recording after surgery.
My own pets are very important to me, and part of the family. From chicken to parrot, dog or cat to turtle, they all have their own names and place in our “zoo”. I understand, therefore, how special the bond can be between man and animal, and will also get everything realistically possible out of the closet, to promote the welfare of the patient.

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