Playa Porto Mari

Where Nature Comes First...

Playa PortoMari is a beautiful sandy bay to be found on the private estate of Plantages PortoMari at the west coast of the tropical island of Curacao (in the Caribbean). Its white coral sand beach with clear and calm water is a true paradise for water lovers. The unique ‘double reef’ is easily accessible from the shore providing a fascinating snorkel and dive site. For landlubbers, three nature trails (the Seru Matteo Trail, the History Trail and the Bird Trail) have their starting point at the beach’s parking lot. They are ideal for hiking but can also be conquered by mountain bike.

Playa PortoMari is open every day. The beach side bar and restaurant offer visitors a large variety of delicious drinks such as tropical cocktails, local as well as imported beers, and fresh juice beverages. We also serve beach-bites and complete meals.

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