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The Academy Hotel Curaçao Foundation is a concept based on the need for a dedicated professional training facility in Curaçao where mainly local students could get extensive on-the-job training in a real-time service environment. Recently, the Academy Hotel Curaçao has been officially classified as a Small Accommodation by the Curaçao Hospitality And Tourism Association CHATA.

This visionary project started as a private initiative by a group of renown assertive professionals with a collective heart for the local tourism and hospitality sector, offering a goldmine of experience in the world of hospitality, strategic tourism management, and both local and international business networking. Together they decided to act on the opportunity for Curaçao to prepare more young professionals locally to provide well trained professionals at every level and every job needed to keep the hospitality industry up and running.

Academy Hotel Curaçao offers a fully operational hotel-restaurant combination, where students of all types of educational specialties can apply for an intensive internship period where they will get to deal with every aspect of running a business in the hospitality sector. The restaurant is being rebranded and will carry the name ‘Simple.’

The young professionals-in-training range from cooks to sales and marketing agents, maintenance to IT-specialists, finance to housekeeping professionals, just to name a few.

In 2015, Academy Hotel Curaçao signed several MOU’s, underscoring the important link and relations between institutions like the InterContinental University of the Caribbean (ICUC) and Fundashon pa Edukashon i Formashon di Fishi i Kapasitashon (FEFFIK). It has also strengthened and repositioned itself within the internship departments of all schools starting from the secondary vocational level and up.

The Academy Hotel Curaçao is also intensely grateful to all those representatives of local and international governmental and private institutions, organizations, and companies who have invested in the development of several generations of young professionals in Curaçao, some of who have been with this unique concept from the early beginnings and who continue to believe in the present future of Curaçao.

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